Prices and Services     

Dog walking
For Bar Hill residents:
£10 per walk
£15 for multiple dogs from the same household
I can walk multiple dogs if they are from the same household or if they are from the same area (this would be with all parties consent)
Outside Bar Hill
Are as above and will incur an additional travel charge of 45p per mile to cover petrol costs
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Individual Training
I offer training 1-2-1. Prices start from £15 per hour plus travel costs. I only use positive reinforcements such as clicker training or using verbal praise or toys.
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Cat, Small Animals and Puppy pop-ins
If you are away for a short break and need someone to check on your pets, be them dogs, cats, birds, guinea pigs, hamsters, rats or any other small animals than I am more than happy to do this.

With this package I can walk your dog, feed if necessary and spend a bit of time playing with them.

Prices are the same as dog walking and for areas outside Bar Hill will incur the additional travel costs, as stated in the dog walking section. 
Dog sitting
I am happy to come to your home and stay with your dog. I do have my own dog so it depends on if they get on and I will insist on a meet beforehand to see how they get on. I also may have to do normal dog walks during the weekdays so your dog maybe left alone for a few hours unless they are happy to come on the walks. 
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