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This is Holly.

She is 14 and is a Yorkie cross with a Jack Russel, though where the Jack Russel is I have no idea. She is a sweet girl that just wants the quite life so that means no bouncy puppies!

Mowgli (black) is a Flat Coated Retriever and Lyra (white) is a Golden Retriever. Mowgli is a typical scatterbrain flat coat, he often tries to catch butterflies. Lyra may look like butter wouldn't melt in her mouth but if she finds a scent, a cat or a squirrel her hearing mysteriously disappears.   

This is "Bouncing" Betty she is just the sweetest girl. I love it when I walk in the door and get greeted by a little black nose and a waggy stubby tail but dogs don't approach her unless specifically invited too.

Wingnut (left) and Ginny (right) both came from Russia and bad backgrounds but their luck turned around when they met Tracey, who has given them enough love and care to last for many many more years to come. I walked them for only a week due to Tracey being away on holiday but there was nothing like coming through the door and seeing the girls faces and hearing Wingnuts' musical howling. 

Cassie is a German Shepard cross with Labrador. She may be 14 but has the spirit and happy attitude of a 6 month old and doesn't let arthritis stop her running up to very dog and saying hello, including my boy Roan when they meet for their morning walk...well sniff.